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Hi there!

Do you know that feeling of wanting to start diet attempt #284? But before you even start you’re having thoughts like ‘it will probably fail again soon’?  
Have you tried like ALL the diets? Were you successful with some of the diets you did before? But were those results only for the short term? And you would gain back all the weight as soon as you quit the diet?

I know how you feel!

I’ve been there and done that! The difference between my old and ‘new’ version (-55 lbs) is HUGE (both physically and mentally!). And that’s why I want to help you reach your weight loss goals! I've helped thousands of women like my old self change their mindset and lifestyle, lose the excess weight and be their ideal & happy self again! 

I’m very passionate to help you get rid of your excess weight and change your lifestyle so that's why I've created the Ninja POWER Kickoff Guide which I want to offer you for FREE! In this guide you'll discover 6 great secrets that will help you make a lifestyle & mindset change! 
Let’s do this! 
xx Ilse 
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A guide featuring 6 proven tools and strategies for you to make a successful start of your mindset & lifestyle change so you will reach your weight loss goals and feel great again!

 I'll tell you all my goaldiggin' secrets + I've created worksheets for you to implement the tools right away!

Seriously, if you want CHANGE, here it is. I'm here to help you and teach you everything I know!

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Hi there! My name is Ilse de Graaf and here you see before & after pictures of me. The pictures on the left were taken in 2014 when I was obese and weighing almost a hundred kilos (that’s like 220 pounds). 
I've seriously tried ALL the diets out there.
And all of them failed. 
They were too difficult, too boring (seriously, soups or shakes all day every day, yike!), too hard to combine with my social life,… 
Sometimes I would lose a few kilo’s/pounds but I would always give up, feeling like a total loser that couldn’t persevere. 
Seriously, it was so depressing. And because I’d never worked on my behavior & habits, as soon as I quit the diet I would fall right back into my bad habits & thoughts that weren’t supporting me at all. 
And because I didn’t have a balanced eating pattern I would stuff my face again with junk food like candy, cookies, icecream or whatever I could get my hands on. Then I would even feel more stupid with myself. And this way I got stuck in the negative spiral even deeper. 
Result of that: I would binge-eat my ass of and gained all the weight back or even more. 
Seriously, story of my life!
But LOOK what I did! In the beginning of 2015 I decided that it was now or never. I knew another diet wasn’t going to be the solution so I started working on myself and a lifestyle change, so if I would lose the weight I would also be able to keep it off forever. 
And that’s what happened! And YES, you can do it too!!
And therefore I’m super grateful and happy that I‘m able to help thousands of women like my old self doing the same with my POWER method and BESTSELLING program "LOSE WEIGHT WITH POWER!", which has all the tools you’ll need for your weight loss, mindset and lifestyle change goals!

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